ORB into the future

“ORB – luminous underwater elements, responding to the sounds of the city "

Urbanbotics presentation of prototype ORB Langeline in Copenhagen harbor in June, created a very beautiful visual addition to the dock at the customs house.
ORB was met with surprise, and got a very positive response from visitors, where gik entirely with the doctor, and cried, singing and talking to ORB.

The idea of ​​simulating a way of life, worked beyond expectations, and even with just a little imagination, it was easy to believe that ORB’erne were alive, and communicated with each other, and with the visitors on the quay.

The intention of the ORB, besides creating alternative lighting of urban space, is to create a social meeting place of life and security in the city's unused or dark areas.

Video, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v = PCTF_fHehpI

ORB got publicity i pressen, Here are some links :

TV Lorry

The engineer




The policy


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